Madisonville Animal Hospital has a complete pharmacy right here at our clinic for the health of your pet, and your convenience! Madisonville Animal Hospital carries many products ranging from antibiotics to heartworm preventatives, so your pet can begin treatment immediately as necessary.

Did you know that veterinary products purchased online and at big-box stores often are not guaranteed by the manufacturer of the product? The reason for the lack of a guarantee is due to the fact that most online and store retailers do not purchase these products directly from the maker of the product, and the manufacturer cannot be sure if the product was properly handled. At Madisonville Animal Hospital, the products we sell are guaranteed to be safe and effective by the drug makers themselves, as our clinic purchases them directly from the manufacturer.

The prices of our products are normally comparable, and often less than online pharmacies and big-box stores. Madisonville Animal Hospital often has rebates and free doses, which are not available with retailers. Finally, our products do not have additional shipping charges billed by online pharmacies.

When your constant companion is in need of a pharmaceutical product, think of Madisonville Animal Hospital. Call one of our compassionate team members today at (985) 845-4681 and become a part of the Madisonville Animal Hospital family today!