Does your furry family member have painful joints, causing them to move more slowly? Have they experienced a wound that has had difficulty in healing? Do you like drug-free alternatives for your precious pets? If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, make an appointment for a laser therapy evaluation at Madisonville Animal Hospital.

Laser therapy uses a low-level laser which can be effective for painful joints, muscle and tendon injuries, abrasions and cuts (including surgical incisions), and acute and chronic pain. The therapy laser used by Dr. McDonald stimulates cellular activity, which increases the body’s own healing abilities to repair and restore skin and muscle tissue.

Dr. McDonald works hard to ensure her practice offers advanced medicine that has excellent safety profiles, along with effectiveness, and laser therapy meets both criteria in her practice. When your pet has a skin wound or chronic condition such as osteoarthritis, please call (985) 845-4681 to determine if laser therapy may be right for them.