Madisonville Animal Hospital has one of the most progressive intensive care units for pets in the Madisonville, Mandeville, Covington, and Hammond areas. There are a number of reasons that animals may need the additional monitoring and care found at the critical care unit at Madisonville Animal.

Pets experiencing trauma, in need of intensive surgery, or disease states are some of the more common reasons pets are placed in our intensive care unit. We have advanced equipment to constantly measure heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels for pets in our care. All pets are kept as comfortable as possible in our intensive care unit, and pain preventatives are administered as necessary. Dr. McDonald and her caring staff have years of experience in intensive care monitoring for animals and they will be there for your pet too! If your pet has an experience or surgery that may require an advanced intensive care unit in the Madisonville, Covington, Hammond, and Mandeville areas, please call Madisonville Animal Hospital at 985-845-4681.