Dr. Christine McDonald has successfully diagnosed and treated countless pets living in the Madisonville, Mandeville, Covington, Ponchatoula, and surrounding areas. One of the most important tools to aid her in identifying and caring for these precious pets is the advanced diagnostic lab located at our clinic. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratory enables our experienced doctor and staff to obtain accurate results for complete blood counts (CBCs), organ function, hydration levels, and urinalysis results within minutes. The precision and speed of our laboratory equipment at Madisonville Animal Hospital allows Dr. McDonald to begin treatment immediately if necessary.

A CBC provides excellent information regarding the overall health of an animal; red blood cells, white blood cells and platelet levels can all be safely and accurately measured in the laboratory at Madisonville Animal. Low red blood cell counts may indicate anemia, while an increases may mean dehydration or certain disease states. White cell count decreases could indicate problems with the bone marrow’s ability to produce adequate white blood cells, and an increase may mean stress inflammation or certain types of cancer. Finally, platelet levels have numerous indications, but one of the most common is the ability for the blood to clot.

Blood chemistry values also aid Dr. McDonald in assessing the overall health of pets under her care. The cutting-edge blood chemistry analyzers provide an accurate look at the functionality of a pet’s liver and kidney function, as well as electrolyte levels. Liver values are helpful in determining if the liver is impaired or damaged, and can also help determine whether or not a pet may be healthy enough to undergo surgery. Kidney results are extremely beneficial in diagnosing issues including kidney disease, certain types of cancer, and even heart disease. Finally electrolyte values will establish whether or not an animal is dehydrated, and can also show Addison’s disease or kidney disorders.

Our clients have come to expect the best in veterinary care from Dr. McDonald at Madisonville Animal Hospital, and she and her staff will bring this same experience to your furry family members as well. Become a member of the Madisonville Animal family today by calling (985) 845-4681 to schedule an appointment with one of our staff members.