Saying goodbye to a beloved pet can be one of the most difficult times in someone’s life. However, Madisonville Animal Hospital is here to help. After taking care of your pet during their earlier years, Madisonville Animal Hospital will continue to be there for the twilight of your pet’s life as well.

Hospice services are offered by Madisonville Animal Hospital when your pet’s quality of life is still treatable. During our hospice services, antibiotics and pain suppressants can be administered to your pet to help them feel comfortable. Your beloved friend will also be closely monitored for changes in their health and pain levels.

Dr. Christine McDonald has carefully selected medications that will bring painless peace to your pet, when the time comes to finally say goodbye. Madisonville Animal Hospital respectfully treats both pets and their owners with great sympathy during this time.

At Madisonville Animal Hospital, we want to help be the caregivers of your pet’s life. Call one of our caring team to schedule an initial appointment no matter the current phase of your pet’s health.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (985) 845-4681.