Does your pet scratch to the point they are harming their skin? Is your furry family member not so furry anymore, due to hair loss? If so, you may have a pet that is suffering from allergies. Dr. Christine McDonald has many years of successful diagnosis and treatment of allergic conditions, and she will bring that same level of care to your pet as well!

Allergic conditions in animals may be related to fleas, food, or contact allergens such as grass or pollen. In the past, steroids were the only available treatment for pets suffering from allergies. Fortunately, a number of safe and more advanced therapies have emerged including allergen-specific immunotherapy, as well as an oral tablet which is safe and effective, regardless of the cause of the allergic condition.

If you feel your pet may be suffering from allergies in Madisonville and the surrounding areas, have them evaluated at Madisonville Animal Hospital. Safe and effective relief may be a phone call away, so please contact one of our team members at 985-845-4681.